Eucalyptus Mint - Coconut Soap

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Eucalyptus Mint - Coconut Soap

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Natural soap made from coconut oil

Tough enough after the gym, but gentle enough for the entire family

NO artificial ingredients, NO phthalates, NO parabens

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This is the soap for an invigorating wake-up or a post workout scrub!

Our hand crafted cold process soap is made from sustainable, natural coconut oil.  No artificial colors, dyes,  or fragrances that itch and irritate sensitive skin.  No synthetic chemicals. No hard to pronounce five syllable words.  Just natural, paleo coconuts that create the most amazing lather!

Essential oils from eucalyptus and spearmint means that those bubbly suds tingle your senses while getting you clean.  You'll start looking for reasons to go for a run, another yoga session, or a second WOD!

Aged for 28 days for a balanced bar.  Buy 3 and save 13%!